A garden room offers a very versatile space that can be used throughout the year. Such rooms offer you plenty of light and space and are easy to keep secure.

There are 2 different options for creating glass garden rooms as a multi-purpose room.

Option-1: Split up the space with partition walls

By using partition walls, you can create a few separate glass rooms and use them for different purposes.

  • Separate for storage

You can create a separate storage space that you can plan based on your storage needs. This will remain secured within the space.

  • Separate for privacy

By creating a separation within the space, you can add a little privacy and create an office space for more people to work independently.

  • Separate for use

By creating a separate partitioned space, you can use the space for different purposes. For example, in one of the spaces, you can create a gym while the other is a reading room.

Door options for partition walls

Based on how you separate the areas, you can select to have open space concepts that are linked by an internal door or make it accessible through a separate external door.

  • Internal doors

By adding an internal door, you can make your partitioned space a little more inclusive to your main “living space”. With internal doors, you can easily and quickly access the second space.

  • External doors

For creating and accessing spaces, external doors are perfect for having complete isolation, such as a main living space and storage/shed section.

Option-2: Get functional with furniture

You can create a multi-functional garden room through clever placement of furniture and room design without the need for any partition walls at all.

  • Home beauty business and gym

Using a few secretly placed external doors with a partition wall, a garden room can act both as a gym and business space allowing you to work from home.

The door placement at the end of your building can keep the design looking more balanced.

  • Garden office and a spare room

Your garden office can double-up as a weekend guest retreat by using the furniture intelligently. A sofa is ideal for any informal meetings or client hosting that can be easily folded down into a suitable bed for guests.

  • Garden gym and as a games room

You can also create a space for all your family to enjoy. The garden room can easily be adapted to become multi-use spaces.

You can have a space that is large enough to work as your garden games room and as a gym that offers all family members a space to retreat to during the day.